Having a drink in The Rosendale

Do you want to have a drink with your colleagues or friends? Do you have something to celebrate or do you just want to have a drink and chill out: there is always room for you in our trendy Lobby Bar.

Drinking in The Rosendale

The Lobby Bar

Take a seat or just hang out at the bar. In our Lobby Bar, we welcome you for a night out, a party (large or small) or a coffee (or tea). Feel free to work while waiting for your colleague, business appointment or for your train. In our comfortable Lobby Bar with high speed internet (Wifi) it is all possible.

The Railway Bar

Let’s roll! In our bar you are on the right track if you are looking for a dynamic, contemporary space full of experience and a touch of nostalgia.

  • Available for parties and gatherings of up to 150 people.
  • Ideal place for group dinners.
  • Drinks with groups, by appointment.
  • Suitable as a party location for groups of people.
  • Starting base for receptions, lunches and meetings.
  • With plenty of daylight through the skylight.
  • In an atmospheric setting with a print of the hangar/station on the wall.

The final destination for your party. You are there!

Restaurant Sistermans

Our family is the key to our success! Are you staying in our hotel and do you want to have a nice dinner? Then you are very welcome at Restaurant Sistermans. This restaurant is related to The Rosendale and is run by the same owners.

The chefs of Restaurant Sistermans prepare the most delicious dishes for guests of The Rosendale. We serve these in our rooms at our location and only for groups. Ask about the possibilities because we work on a tailor-made basis.

We R here. For when you want more

Let’s meet & connect. For those who want to get together with more people, we have various meeting facilities.

We are ‘R’ for your party, meeting, congress or group gathering. Connecting and meeting are in our hospitality DNA.

Call me and let’s look at the possibilities together.